Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Dessert

Last Friday night, some friends of ours took my roommate and I to the dessert. This may not seem like a big deal to the people here, but for someone who has never experienced it, it is pretty cool. We decided to go at night due to the fact that the heat and humidity is still high. We all parked our cars on the side of the road and our friend with a Jeep can to pick us up. We caravan-ed into the depths of the dessert. There were other people around, so we tried to find a place where we could have a little privacy. This wasn't hard to do considering how vast the dessert surrounding Dubai is. Before leaving we stocked up with food, tea, blankets, and fire wood. It was a proper camp out in the middle of the dessert. My roommate and I ended up making the fire. We are both pretty outdoorsy and it certainly helps that my roommates dad is a firefighter. Despite the common notion people have of the dessert being cold at night... it wasn't. The temperature was certainly cooler than during the day, however, the humidity stayed. The fire didn't help much either. We were told that in a month or so it will be perfect weather for dessert camping. I have to admit that I am adapting to the heat, in fact I much prefer it to the freezing cold climate of Rochester, NY. The night was so fun. We went driving around in the dunes in our friends' jeep, which is one of coolest off-roading experiences I've ever had! We sat by the fire, listened to music, and chilled. It was a pretty great night.
I can't wait to go proper Dune Bashing.

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