Sunday, September 8, 2013

What To Pack?!

Packing really wont be as bad as you think it will. I have a few general pieces of advice that may help you..

Make sure to pack fairly conservative clothing. This includes long pants thin long-sleeved shirts, tee-shirts, and my personal favorite long skirts. Many people are going to tell you that you have to be covered all the time or you'll be thrown in jail. Let me be the first to tell you this is completely not true. It is okay to wear shorts and tank tops in Dubai. Personally, I wouldn't wear short shorts or skimpy tanks, mainly because of the unwanted attention you will attract. However, if there is one day that I want to wear shorts I make sure to pair it with a long sleeved or loose fitting shirt. It will become easier to decipher what is appropriate once you get here, so try to pack a good variety of clothing. I do recommend that you don't bring too many items of clothing, for there is limited space in the dorms/hotel here in Dubai. I may have made that mistake and now my clothes are spilling out all over the room. My smart roommate only brought one checked bag. I don't know how she did it, but I can assure you it'll be a much easier unpacking job. There is also an extremely nice pool here at the dorms, which I will talk about later, so make sure to bring your bathing suits! A big no-no here is see through clothing, so try not to wear any type of shirt that would show through to your bra, etc. What I was surprised to find out though, was that sheer long dresses, as long as they have a slip under them, are completely okay. Another good idea is to bring as many cardigans as possible. If you want to wear tank tops they're perfect, also they come in handy when transitioning from the extreme heat outside to the frigged air conditioning inside. I know that I went out and went shopping before I came, and I recommend you do the same. There is a gym here, and whether or not you plan on using it, it's probably a good idea to bring sneakers just in case. 

If you are a boy, you literally have nothing to worry about, you can wear exactly the same things you do at home. The only advice I have for you is no bro-tank tops.Also you'll definitely want to avoid wearing any type of clothing with offensive or inappropriate sayings or graphics.

Other Odds and Ends...
You'll want to bring towels, maybe two.
Also they provide clean sheets and a thin comforter, however the comforter kind of sucks, so I recommend you bring a nice full sized blanket. Nothing too thick though.
You can easily purchase adapters here in Dubai, and personally I believe it to be easier. Less to pack. Also many of their outlets are sort of universal and can fit many different types of plugs, including US ones.
I would pack a reusable water bottle; otherwise you'll be spending all your money on water bottles. No one really drinks from the tap here. I am still not sure if it is because it dirty or just a cultural thing. Either way, there are usually water coolers around the dorms and on campus. Trust me its much easier to fill up your water bottle. Plus you'll be saving the environment which is always a plus!
Also if you have nice things that you want to hang up I recommend bringing hangers, for Etisalat Academy only supplies you with 6 or so hangers. And to me it seems silly to spend unnecessary money on hangers if you have some at home.
Certain small, non liquid, toiletries. 
Coffee Mug/Travel Mug
Keep in mind that checked bags have to be under a certain weight. Also most airlines allow you to check your first bag free, but if you fly Emirates Airlines you get two free checked bags.
It might be a good idea to pack a duffel bag so that at the end of your trip you are not going out and buying extra suit cases to transport all your recently acquired items home.
Make sure to make copies of your Visa and Passports. I made a couple copies. One for me and one to leave at home with my family. Just in case.
I would pack your "cant live without" school supplies. For example, I brought a few empty notebooks and my pencil case.
Any medications should be packed away in your checked baggage.
I think that purchasing things like tooth paste and shampoos are best done after you arrive in Dubai. Toiletries are fairly cheap and its a much easier process than lugging bottles of liquid from another country.

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