Sunday, September 22, 2013

Environmentally Friendly ?

My brief time in Dubai has brought to light something I had previously misunderstood. Upon my arrival to Dubai I found myself enthralled by the concept of an environmentally conscious nation. I knew that Dubai was well known for its energy efficiency and support for renewable systems. What I didn't realize was that this is for the most part to advance and even further, business in Dubai. It appears as though there environmental efforts are more deeply rooted in the hopes of continuing the success of Dubai financially. Renewable energy is Dubai's up and coming replacement for their oil industry that is quickly diminishing. It makes sense that Dubai would not want to fall behind as a leading economic and technologically advanced nation. However, their environmental efforts when it comes to basic everyday things, are not as up to date. Since landing in Dubai I have seen approximately 5 recycle bins and it seems that the ones they do have are hardly used. To this outsiders' eye, Dubai's go-green attitude is somewhat a strategic business tactic, with less emphasis on the negative impacts that we are having on our planet.   

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